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Unlimited Shopify Trial

The legend. The myth. The Unlimited Shopify Trial.

Shopify Starter Plan

Click the tabs below for more information on Shopify Features, Free & Premium Themes and the Pricing Packages.

Moving from left to right on the tabs below – We will guide you through all the stages in Setting Up A Shopify Store.

This is the Shopify Starter Plan, so starting at ‘Shopify Features‘ we’ll show you in detail what each package includes, so you can decide on which one will be best suited to you and your shop.

Carry on going to Free and PremiumShopify Themes‘, where you’ll also find links to Shopify’s own theme shop, but also Envato Market which lists hundreds of advanced professional Shopify Themes/templates available to buy (Also cheaper than Shopifys) which you can download, install, and get your shop live within 1 hour selling products/services..

Finishing on ‘Shopify Tiered Pricing‘ showing you how cheap Shopify actually is, including not even paying for an online shop if you only want to sell in person using the Shopify Point-Of-Sale app which lets you use Shopify’s own secure payment gateway meaning you can sell in person at stalls, tradeshows or even your own physical shop.

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Features Across All Packages

One of the best Admin Dashboards in the whole industry, you’ll be able to track sales, deliveries, stock, web traffic and much more.

Viewing your store on any device will be a breeze, either from Envato Template Market or Shopify Template Market, every theme is responsive to give you the best chance making that all important sale.

The ability to accept credit cards in-store, on the go, and everywhere in between means you can sell anywhere your customers are.

Shopify Features


There’s a reason why over 500,000+ online stores use Shopify as their back-end eCommerce platform, with a massive ammount of features built into the Shopify system, not including the 2,000+ apps availble in the Shopify App Store, it’s no coincidence that now more than ever people are migrating their shops over from other eCommerce platforms to Shopify.

Just as a teaser, here’s a small list of the features available from the most basic plan Shopify do;


• unlimited products
• unlimited bandwidth and online storage
• Shopify point of sale
• online sales channels
• fraud analysis 
• manual order creation
• discount codes
• staff accounts
• overview dashboard
• finance reports
• customer support

For a more in-depth explanation of the features surrounding Shopify, click the button below.





500,000+ MERCHANTS


Shopify Themes


In this Shopify Starter Plan we’ll show you everything you need, including the recommened Themes to choose, read on..

Just when you thought that creating and maintaining a shop would be something out of your reach and you didn’t know what to do or where to start, where the dream of owning your own online shop, selling your own products, being your own boss was just that, a dream…

Well, I’m sure you could see this coming from a mile off, but you’re wrong it is that easy!

Setting up a Shopify store is a very easy process, sign up, create your store name, pick a package, pick a theme and you’re done. The shop is ready to have products listed on it.

Two hardest decisions in starting an online store, as the name doesn’t exactly matter, more quirky the better (for example, alibaba.com), it’s the product and the shop layout. Now we can’t exactly help you pick your special product but what we are good at is setting up a store, especially when it comes to themes.

Themes are fantastic as they take the hassle out of coding, and from sites we’ll show you you’ll also get 6 months support from the authors just incase you need to change something or need help with the theme itself, browse online sites like Shopify Theme Store or Envato Market and find hundreds of Shopify specific themes to jump start your shop, 30 minutes and you’ll be live and ready to sell.
Click below to find out more about themes, our recommendations and a Free £30 Voucher to help with the coding/adjustments on your site if you need it, whammy.


Brands Using Shopify

Big Names Using The Platform

Shopify Tiered Pricing


For you to truly appreciate the Shopify system, just take a look at the prices of the packages available and see the insane ammount of features you get with it.

This Shopify Starter Plan doesn’t just stop at themes, for the basic package of £29/mo, you get a fully working shop where you choose your theme, get SSL Security for your customers, Safe Shopify Payment Methods, Fraud Analysis, Staff Accounts, World-class Admin Dashboard, Discount Code Creation and Finance Reports. And that’s just the basic package!

You can always upgrade your package if you’d like the more advanced features eventually, but let’s be fair the basic package would be enough for anybody starting out and at that price point no other e-commerce platform can really compete!

Click the button below to get more information and a detailed layout of the prices and features attached.