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Buying a Shopify Theme

Shopify Themes

So you’ve seen the features Shopify has, figured that it is actually pretty good.. now how to make your shop look!

Welcome to the Shopify Themes section of our site where you’ll be able to find more information on Shopify’s own theme shop, themes chosen by Shopify themselves which they think are suitable, and more importantly they currently list 10 Free Themes just incase you’re on a serious budget, fair warning though it’s nice to have free things but we wouldn’t advise skipping on theme quality for a cheap one, you’ll loose out down the line.. 

..some things are just worth paying money for, and a theme is one of them

Now we really don’t mind the Shopify Themes store, there are some gems in there hidden away, but this is where we think it goes downhill, there’s no middle ground with their themes it’s ether free or $/£180 nothing in the middle, we’ll explain more below in the Shopify Themes Section. 

So we’ve also included Envato Market which lists hundreds of advanced professional Shopify Themes/templates available to buy (for cheaper too) which you can download, install and get your shop live within 20mins selling products/services.. 

The Shopify Basic Plan, Shopify Plan and the Advanced Shopify Plan all allow you to have themes. The Shopify Lite Plan does not as it’s based around social media selling and in-person Shopify Point of Sale selling only.

– You’d normally get 14 days Free Trial but we’re able to offer an Extended Shopify Trial so it gives you more time to set up your shop. 
Also as a little thank you for visiting us, to help you get started on your site we’ve got a Free £30 Voucher to PeoplePerHour.com which is a community of Freelance professionals able to do anything you need.
Work ranging from Logo and Web Design, Coding, Search-Engine-Optimisation and Business Plans to help you get funding/loans/grants for your business, we highly recommend this site, the work can be done within a matter of hours depending on what you need and we have honestly used them on dozens of occasions.





500,000+ MERCHANTS




Now we love shopify, you know this otherwise we wouldn’t of made this site trying to make lives easier in running an online shop.

We also use it ourselves for our current shops, we’re very happy you’re considering using a theme as there are literally no downsides, regardless if you get it from Shopify’s own theme shop or Envato Market each will be responsive (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile) and will overall make your life a lot easier.

Now for the Shopify Theme Store, there’s quite a few themes to choose from but we can sum up the Shopify Theme Store with a few Pros and Cons..

If you find the perfect theme within the Shopify Theme Store then happy days, crack on and buy it even if it does come as a package because the theme you buy will be amazing.


The Pros

– The themes have been handpicked by Shopify, which they think gives a diverse choice to pick from to suit any shop, we’d seem to agree on this point as there are a total of 61 themes so you’re bound to cover all markets really. 


– There 10 Free Themes to choose from when on a seriously tight budget, but as we said in the introduction at the top, you should not cheap out on your theme, how can authors keep updating security and integrity of the site with no funding, these themes wouldn’t get the same love, attention and priority than their paid counterpart.

The Cons

– Our problem lays with the choice they’ve given, granted theres 61 to choose from, seems a lot, but it isn’t. Taking away the 10 Free Themes means there’s 51 Premium Themes remaining, when it comes to themes choice is king because that dream shop design you’ve got in your head most likely won’t be there with those 51 themes. 


– Leading us onto price, our biggest gripe is there’s no middle ground with the themes available, it’s either free (£0) or Premium (£140-£180) there’s nothing in the middle! When you buy a premium pack you get 4 included themes, sounds better right? Yes, but, not all the included variations of that theme is what you’re going to use, you may just want that ONE theme but you have to buy four, crazy.

Leading us to the Envato Market below, 535 themes to choose from at a much lower price, check it out.

So this is Envato Market, they have a massive range of themes to choose from, 528 536 is the current count, they all do what you need, they have amazing layouts which are responsive for all screen sizes, eye catching and packed full of features.

As an extra bonus they’re cheaper than Shopify’s own themes! You’ll be hard pressed to find a theme that doesn’t fit your needs and wants costing more than $56.
Taking into account that these Premium Shopify Themes are fully supported, constantly maintained and updated. We have one of our shops which has been live for around 6 months from wiriting this and has had 3 updates, either to the website builder to give more features or to update the back-end security coding, this is stuff you wouldn’t get with a free theme.
We’d highly recommend checking out Envato Market as 99% of the themes have a one-click-demo, meaning you see the type of layout and design you want, download the theme, install it, find the demo within the options (very easy) and just click install, everything else is done for you, you get all the coding, layout & structure, pictures and videos which are shown in the theme, everything. Then you proceed to adding your first few products, adjusting the ‘About Us’ page and you’re done. 
Shop chosen, installed, modified and live in under an hour, it can be and usually is that quick.
It’s no different than buying a theme from Shopify, but buying from Envato Market you’ll get 6 months support where you can contact the authours of the site and ask for help, advice or technical support on the theme, if you don’t know how to do something then they’ll walk you through it.
We fully recommend Enavto Market, scroll down to check out some of the ones we like.
ELLA Theme

ELLA – Is the Best Selling Fashion Theme on Envato Market. It’s a Responsive Shopify Fashion & Apparel Template, if you’re planning on selling clothes then this is for you.


PORTO – One of the best responsive multi-themes available, 25 pre-made demos to choose from ready to install and go live within minutes. You’re bound to find something you like with Porto.



YourStore – The winner of the Best Shopify Theme and The Most Wanted Shopify Theme, this is a fantastic theme which you could adjust to suit any e-commerce shop, it’s built in shop builderand 22 pre-made layouts means you won’t get stuck. 



NEXGEEK – Multipurpose Shopify Theme is modern, user friendly, responsive and functional theme suitable for any kinds of business stores such as Fashion, Clothes, Accessories, Gadgets & Digital store, Jewelries, Shoes Etc. It’s worth a look for sure!

PeoplePerHour.com Free £30 Voucher

So, you’ve stumbled across the golden ticket I see, well lucky you!
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Lite Plan

The Shopify Lite plan is for anyone who wants to sell products without maintaining an online store, this includes selling on facebook, pintrest or any other type fo social media. Also includes the point-of-sale app, more details below.


Basic Plan

The Shopify Basic Plan offers all the tools you need to run your business. These include all the fundamental base features which you see below, plus more, enough to get your shop off the ground.


Shopify Plan

The next level up from the Basic Package, more advanced features and tools to use to convert additional sales. Including free SSL certification for your website so your customers know their money is safe.


Advanced Plan

The most Advanced Shopify Plan which is aimed towards Medium-Large shop which deal with large turnover. Includes customer reports and abandoned cart features.